The Constitution of Eastern Suburbs Community Youth Association Ltd, despite minor changes made over the years, had effectively been the same since the Organisation’s inception in 1981, until a new Constitution was adopted in October 2010.

The Board set reviewing and renewing our Constitution as one of its strategic goals, as many of the laws on which it was based had in fact changed since it was authored.

It was also felt the original document no longer fully reflected the Organisation we had become, and in fact made no reference to youth homelessness, which is in fact our reason for existence.

Blake Waldron, offered to review and modernise our Constitution and did so pro bono. Once the Board was satisfied with the changes, the new document was taken to the Members at our most recent Annual General Meeting, on 19th October 2010.

By special resolution, requiring 75% support of voting members present, our Financial Members overwhelmingly resolved to adopt the new Constitution which was then lodged with The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and now forms the rules under which we operate.

We appreciate the generosity shown by Blake Waldron to lend us their legal expertise free of charge and are confident they’ve provided us a robust Constitution that will safeguard our Organisation into the foreseeable future.